About us

Got a Drainage Problem?

The Professionals who can Fix it.

100% Guaranteed!

We can help you with all of your drainage repair, maintenance, and installation-

  • Unclogging of your drainage pipe, having tree roots cleared and removed
  • Thorough drain inspection with leading edge CCTV equipment.
  • Installation of new drain pipes to replace broken drains, or for your new house or home extension.
  • Cleaning out your cesspit or sump
  • Drainage for damp & flooding basements or lower level rooms

We offer Auckland-wide service with top-quality tradesmen, fully backed by our unique 100% guarantee.

If we can't fix it, then we won't charge you!

ABC Drainage has more than 30 years of experience in Auckland, and lots of happy clients to show for it.

We know how leave a work-site in excellent condition when we are done. You can rest assured that your beautifully-landscaped yard is safe with us.

If you do have a blockage, we'll also sanitize the affected area with a biodegradable detergent - making the area safer for you, your family and the environment.

Our Commitment to You

At ABC Drainage, we give you honest professional advice and quality work, service and attitude.

We know your home is your most important investment - good drainage will keep your basement dry, and your home safe from damage, even when it's pouring with rain.

And we can help you avoid those nasty and embarrassing sewage disasters too - every homeowner's worst nightmare.

We dig carefully to ensure the best possible result. We like to leave your property looking like you almost cannot tell we have ever been there - except for the results! This is how drainage systems should be - hidden, but in perfect working order.